So today was National Reading Day.  I had things to do in the morning, but once all my chores were done I settled in to enjoy a lovely popcorn book by Mike Resnick.  Now, I’m not a huge weird west fan, but I do enjoy playing the RPG Deadlands which is set in the “weird west”.  It’s fun.  It’s cooky.  It’s deadly.  Gunslingers, cowboys, Native Americans, steam, clockwork, magic, weird science.  It’s awesome when you get a group of people together who don’t take themselves too seriously, but jump into a genre with both feet.

My favorite character is Lonesome Chapman.  She has become known as The Whispering Widow.  She was married to a Texas Ranger and together her and her husband were hanged by Pinkertons… as it turns out she was only partially hanged having been saved by her husband’s super smart horse.  However, her larynx is crushed and she can speak at a whisper, anything louder and it is a croak.  I love her.  She is so much fun.  But… I digress.  She is nowhere to be found in this book.

Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp and John Ringo are however.  It’s a bit of alternate fantastical history that kinda sorta tells a story about the OK Corral… kinda sorta… it has Edison and Buntline in it working together to create really nifty gizmos.  In short it was a whole lot of fun.  No thought needed.  Just sit back and enjoy the wild bronc ride!

My favorite bit, I think were the appendixes, appendisese, appendix?… there are three.  The first one tells you about an alternate history where the US stretches from coast to coast, not stopping at the Mississippi as in this story.   The second is an actual bonefide article from a said alternate history’s newspaper.  It’s a hoot.  Don’t forget to read them!

So.  I hope you all had a lovely National Reading Day.  I hope you got a chance to actually DO some reading.  I would love to hear about what you are reading now!  Drop me a line in the comments!


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