Alright.  To be honest, I didn’t love this book at first.  To be honest, I started it and then put it down for something else.

When I picked it up again and started reading it must have been the right time and the right place in my life as I easily overcame what I had thought I didn’t like the first time and quickly got into the meat of the story.

An interesting and engaging story about a man (and some of the others) who live their lives, die and then are reborn back into their previous life.  At around age 3 or so they begin to remember who they are and the life they lived before.  Sometimes it goes well.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  Once the person is found by an organization of similar folks, their successive rebirths become easier.  But not necessarily their lives.  I was intrigued and very much liked the main character.  So much so that I got angry at him when he was a numpty.

But more than a good story this book got me to thinking.  About my own life.  About dying.  About what lies in store after… and could it be that I might die and be reborn back into my life once again.  An interesting twist to the age-old conundrum… If you could go back to 16, your 20’s or any other age, what would you do different?

Now, normally I skim through the book club questions that are becoming more and more prominent in the backs of books today.  Often they give me a chuckle, but more often they annoy the crap out of me.  Why on earth would you want to tear this story apart and over think all that as just happened?  This time, the very first question really got in the feels and I have been pondering it all day.  “Do you envy Harry in any way?  If you were destined to live your life over and over again, would you see it as a blessing or a curse?”  What I have come to decide, I think… for now… is that it would totally depend on how each life went.  Harry’s life was never quite the same.  Each time he would try different things and the people from previous lives never quite lived the same lives either, whether that be a linear life or a oroboran one.  I find that I would go to my death desperately afraid I would not have my beloved Beardface in the next one.  And what of my children?  Would I be able to go forward with different people?  Would I be able to watch Beardface go off and do the things he didn’t do because of our relationship and how we grew together?  I have a feeling that if I were to become aware of my past life as a child I would become a very quiet and withdrawn thing, afraid of never having the love the joy that I have had so far in this one.

And then… the devil on the other shoulder gives me a poke and points out all the adventures I didn’t have in this life that I could have in another if I lived it different….

Claire North you get a definite 5.  I will be looking for your other book “Touch” when next I go to the bookstore.  Very well written, very engaging and intriguing story.  Thank you for entertaining me and making me think.

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