I love me some John Scalzi.  Seriously.  His space epics are the best.  Seriously.

I was totally chuffed to see a message from Amazon saying my pre-order had shipped… and when it got here… first editioooooooon!.  Yum!  But.  I had (had to… cuz the book I was reading was such a chore.  Not.) to finish the book I was currently immersed in, and then I had to take a break for a day to let that story settle… kinda like waiting for that turkey and stuffing to settle before you head on in for pie and coffee…  But once I dug in…. I sat and finished before the day was over, and I didn’t even have to stay up late.

So, imagine a universe where faster-than-light travel is possible because of the discovery of a “thing” called the Flow… an extradimensional field that touch ours at certain points in space-time…. imagine humanity spread amongst the stars, on many planets that can only be reached through this Flow.  Now imagine that Flow, collapsing and disappearing, leaving pockets of humanity stranded… that beginning is where this book is set.  I will be having a hard time waiting for the next installment.  I should have probably read more slowly.  😛

Life has been a little bit like getting knocked down, dragged through the mud, propped up and fed into a taffy pulling machine, dunked into a barrel of sour beer and then left draped over the railing of the deck to dry.  A bit of a foot injury, which made it difficult to impossible to get around, had to call in to work and keep off the foot, keep it elevated, keep it iced, and then… something else pops in my ankle and a very odd divot has appeared in my  shin.. and well… it goes on from there.  Along with that I have been low on energy and in a bit of a funk.  My only escape has been the books.  I am so looking forward to telling you about the series I have been gobbling, but you will just have to wait.  For now.  Go, explore John Scalzi and his space epics.  Next time I will have a whole new series for you to get lost in.

For me… I’m headed to the porch, book in hand, to see what happens next with Hadrian and Royce.  Oop.  Little hint for you.

Oh… and here is Bearbear… keeping me sane even if I can’t go walkies like he wants… Just to leave you with a smile.



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