Okay!  Finally!  I can tell you all about the series I have been reading… because, sadly, it is completed!  Such a mix of emotions coming to the end of a good read.  You want to see how it winds up, but you don’t want it to end!  Which is why I read it the way I did.  One book at a time and another book in-between each.  I’ve learned that although I love to be immersed in a series, I can get bored, no matter how good it is, book after book and the details start to get muddled and my eyes glaze over.  To counteract that I mix it up a bit!  I actually read the first volume in the epic several years ago when I was only reading self published authors.  (we had to downsize and put everything in storage, so to keep from buying paper books I treated myself to an e-reader and my first year with it was spent exploring only self published authors… found some treasures, read a load of crap… but it was an interesting experiment)  It had been my intent to go further and buy more of the books, but apparently I got sidetracked until I read about the author and his series in the Barnes and Noble Sci-Fi/Fantasy blog.  So back into the series I dove.

These books are a buttload of fun.  Seriously.  You laugh out loud, you shout, you rail at the clouds, you sigh and you cry.  Some of the plot devices are predictable and you know from the beginning where it is going to go, but there are some that have lovely twists that I didn’t see until the reveal.  The characters have depth, are flawed, make mistakes, stick to their own code of conduct and generally are people you’d love to know in real life…  Well…  one definitely wants to be careful with Royce…  Loved them.  Really, really loved them and will recommend them right up there with Patrick Rothfuss… and these are better because the story is complete… not left hanging and hanging and hanging… but… that is a story for another day.

Also.  I wanted to show you this really cool pillow my hubby found a year or so ago at a thrift store.  At first I thought it was verra cool, but then stopped using it and didn’t really care.  Actually gave it away to my son, who left it here when he returned home… and all that to tell you this…  I’m not so thrilled about the trade format popularity of paperbacks these days.  I have a hard time holding the books comfortably so I found myself propping the books on my lap with a pillow… then I remembered this little pillow… and now my son cannot have it.  I take it back.  Mine.  It has become my favorite thing.  Here…

Just a little pyramid pillow with a tassel.  Brilliant!  Here it is in use…

The first image shows the flat side up, the second two show the pointy side up.  I like that as you get into the middle of the larger books they just stay open without any stress on the spine!  Is awesomeness!

So.  In case you want one for yourself…  they can be found HERE











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