So.  Somehow I missed this third book in the early adventures of Hadrian and Royce.  Don’t know how I did it but I cannot tell you how glad I am that there is another one.  Although I really love the fact that this author is truly protective on these beloved characters and is careful to not overdo or over-write them, I truly cannot get enough of their adventures.

I’ve slowed down some in my reading of late.  I don’t know why,  but it happens sometimes.  Recently I have been restless.  I am a fiber artist and design geeky/historical cross stitch samplers for fun and profit, but that bit of creativity has been on the lulled side as well… mostly my fingers have been busy with crochet hooks and a whole lot of no thinking… of which I have become tired of.  I miss the things I love and I have begun to take daily steps toward a better routine…

In the meanwhile I’m slow… but, this time I think it was no real loss, it was nice to lazily work my way through this story… almost savored even.  I almost think this particular installation of the duo was my favorite.  I’m not sure why.  Can’t put my finger on it, but there was a lovely amount of character growth and a very interesting elven encounter which gives you an really good peek into their by-gone world and does a lot to set up the other trilogy.

So this is a short entry, but, at least there is an entry.  My apologies… but it will get better.  Honest.

I’m going to leave you with this recommendation… if you like fantasy stories, read these.  This author has the right mix of everything… humor,  horror, love, secrets, character and more character.  Just.  Yeah.  If you miss this series don’t blame me…. it won’t be my fault and will totally be your loss.



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